About us

We started brewing at home out of love for beer and turned our favourite drink into our job.

We turned our hobby into a profession.

There are four of us behind the brewery - Pavel, his father Georgi, Todor and our technologist, chief assistant Dr. Petar Nedyalkov.

It all started one day when Pavel decided to experiment with home brewing using a 7-litre pot borrowed from a friend, just for fun.

When the idea to open our own brewery matured between us, we decided to settle in Lovech, because it’s our hometown, and for the name of the brewery we were inspired by the oldest known name of our city.

In 2019, in a former meat processing factory in the village of Presyaka, very close to Lovech, we created our first professional brewing installation. It took two years for our idea to see the light of day.

Pavel brews the beer, Georgi takes case of carbonisation and bottling of kegs and bottles, and Todor is the "business-oriented man" of the team that takes care of the activities outside production . Shortly after we started production, chief assistant Dr. Petar Nedyalkov, technologist and lecturer in Wine and Beer Technology at the University of Food Technologies in Plovdiv, joined the team. 

From the very beginning we have been experimenting with recipes and ingredients, and the most important thing for us is that the beer has a clear, balanced taste, exactly as we like it. Our main goal is to promote the still not so well-known craft beer in our country, to experiment with new ingredients and to enhance traditional recipes.


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the brewery was founded


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